In North India, if there is one place that has won the crown for its development and massive infrastructure development, nothing comes closer to Gurgaon. 

Rapid industrialisation has led to soaring real estate growth in the area, and capital appreciation is at an all-time high. However, with the increasing landscape of development, there is also an increase in the number of new real estate developers and projects that come and go. 

Therefore, for people who want to buy a residential property in Gurgaon, it is essential that they are well-informed about recent developments. 

To do so, one can simply start with understanding where they want to invest and how much capital they can afford. Hence, today, we’ll explore some of the most profitable properties in Gurgaon’s prime sectors. 

Best Sectors to Invest in Gurgaon

A hub of IT/ITes, finance and tech, Gurgaon is popularly known as the millennial city of India. Gurgaon, developed initially as a satellite city of Delhi, is developed in a gridiron pattern and has dedicated sectors for dedicated purposes. With that said and given, several sectors have turned out to be corporate hubs, and all the adjoining areas have been developed as primary residential hubs. 

However, seeing the rapid growth and demand, these areas are highly cluttered and densely populated. Since the places are already developed, there is little scope for further development, and real estate prices are extremely high, with a lesser scope for capital appreciation. 

Hence, new sectors are currently in focus, and many such areas have promising returns. 

  • Sector 113, Gurgaon

This area is one of the best sectors to live in because of its proximity to all the major destinations of Gurgaon and robust connectivity with Delhi. The locality houses more than 500 societies and provides a top-notch civic amenity for a life that’s easy for everyone in your family. It also provides a multi-modal connectivity option that helps easy accessibility and offers many travelling options. 

The best residential property in Sector 113, Gurgaon, is hard to define since every society has its own uniqueness and caters to different audiences and budgets. 

  • Sector 84, Gurgaon

If you are looking for a luxury apartment, there is no place better than Sector 84, which is located in New Gurgaon. The locality promises high capital appreciation since the area is still developing. Buying a property here will safeguard you with promising returns. This is because the area is strategically located and will provide a robust connection to all the major destinations of the city. 

There are many luxury properties in the area, and it gives a lot of options to choose from. Many renowned real estate developers in the area have already launched some flagship projects that look pretty promising for those who want to buy residential property in Gurgaon

  • Sector 83, Gurgaon

An area just adjacent to Sector 84, this sector is also known for its high-rise apartments and residential settings. If you are looking for a house in an area that is close to all the major employment destinations of Gurgaon, this should be your place to invest. 

With good connectivity, promising civic amenities and physical infrastructure, the area will give a high return on investment once the region’s infrastructure is fully developed. 

The most profitable investment in Gurgaon

  • Smart World One DXP

Currently, one of the best residential properties in Sector 113, Gurgaon, Smart World One DXP, is the epitome of what we call modern architecture. The property is strategically located on the Dwarka Expressway, and renowned groups across the world have detailed the property. 

The property is equipped with 24/7 co-working space (first in NCR). UHA, London, developed the facade, and the landscape is themed and designed by Element Design Studio, Singapore. Smart World One DXP is well connected through metro, road, and rail and is situated at a great location, making all the major employment hubs easily accessible. 

  • SS Cendana, Sector 83

SS Cendana in Sector 83, Gurgaon, offers all the amenities needed for quality living at a prime location. Situated in Sector 83, the property offers 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments in its townshop. One gets a true sense of community, togetherness and harmony living here. It is already ready to move in, and if you buy this residential property in Gurgaon, it promises capital appreciation and long-term gains. 

  • SS Linden Floor

The property is located close to the Dwarka Expressway in Sector 84 in New Gurgaon. The property offers around 50% green area for a life closer to nature and is over a lakh square meters. Like SS Cendana, investment here will give you a sense of community thanks to the 20,000-square-foot private clubhouse. 

This luxurious apartment in Gurgaon is reasonably priced and located near all the civic amenities.


Gurgaon seems like a tempting city to invest in if you want to buy residential property in Gurgaon. Residential hubs like Sector 83, 84, and 113 in Gurgaon are a great place to begin with. These areas are primary residential hotspots with many projects from top-notch developers like SS Group and Smart World Developers. If you want to buy a residential property in Sector 113, Gurgaon, SmartWorld One DXP is an excellent option. However, SS Cendana and SS Linden are also good options if you are looking for a luxury residence.