Are you looking forward to investing in residential real estate properties for better returns? After the pandemic, the mindset of working-class people has changed as they are ready to invest in residential and commercial properties. 

However, before investing in residential properties, many factors need to consider by the investors so that they can select the right property for the investment. Therefore, let’s check out some facts about real estate properties and the factors affecting their property value. 

Is investing in residential properties a good choice of investment?

For a working-class person, it is important to choose the right decision when it comes to investment as they don’t have the opportunity to keep putting their money in different investment options. 

Therefore, it’s a safe investment option if we talk about real estate properties established at prime locations like Smart world One dxp and others.

Residential real estate investment is a good option if people want a better return in the future, but the process is time-taking. Here are more points proving that residential real estate is a good investment opportunity for investors. 

  • Residential property investors can earn a stable income by renting their properties to tenants. It will increase rent if the property is connected to a commercial area or a famous market. 
  • Many builders are developing affordable residential projects, including Smart World One dxp and others in Gurgaon, Noida, etc. 
  • Property investment has many tax benefits, as residential properties don’t need to go through taxation and GST payment. Contacting the tax profession to know more about tax benefits is also appropriate. 
  • Since the demand for housing properties is increasing, it’s a perfect time to invest in residential properties. 

What are the factors that affect the residential property’s value?

It is important to check out the factors that help improve the property’s value, as no one wants to invest in a property that gives them zero profit. It is always beneficial to invest in a property that gives better return and has the potential to constantly increase its value, like the Smart world One dxp in Gurgaon. 

Therefore, let’s check out the factors that help increase the residential property’s value. 

  1. Location

Location is the first thing that affects the growth of residential real estate. If the property is located near commercial hubs, railway stations, schools, colleges, shopping complexes, and hospitals, then the property’s value will increase.

On the other hand, if the property’s location is where nothing is accessible, and the connectivity is not established, the valuation will not improve. 

  1. Infrastructure 

Infrastructure development is important as it gives identity to the property’s location. Smart World One dxp in Gurgaon sector 113 offers well-established infrastructure like Dwarka Expressway, which provides end-to-end connectivity from Gurgaon to Dwarka. 

Apart from the commercial properties, infrastructural developments like railway stations, airports, and metro stations must also be present near the location. 

  1. Establishment of Commercial properties 

Investing where commercial properties like IT firms and business parks are established is important in improving the property’s value. In Tier 1 cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, people like buying houses near their workspace, like Smart World One dxp. 

Therefore, investing in properties close to offices and established companies benefits residential real estate investors. 

  1. Availability of Land area 

The land area in urban cities, especially metro cities, is scarce; therefore, property prices are increasing rapidly due to heavy demand. On the other hand, investors can find several options in Tier 2 and 3 cities with slow property appreciation. 

Therefore, it’s up to the investors whether they want to invest in the urban cities or Tier 2 and 3 cities where the prices of property are low compared to Tier 1, but the property’s value will improve slowly. 

  1. Property’s age and condition 

Many investors like to get their hands on ongoing or newly launched residential projects like the Smart World One dxp in Gurgaon sector 113 and other similar residential properties. 

People avoid investing in old property as they have to bear the renovation cost, which burdens the investors. 

What are the best places for residential property investment?

If you have decided to invest in residential properties, here are the places to check out for better returns. 

  • Pune 
  • Bangalore 
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Gurgaon 
  • Noida 
  • Delhi 

Some properties in Tier 1 cities like Gurgaon have a high potential for good returns, like Smart World One dxp residential property in Sector 113. 


Residential property investment is a great option for investment purposes if the person wants to gain money in the future through a stable income. Also, it is beneficial if the investor keeps the points in mind that affect the property’s value to select the right residential property.

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